Saturday, June 29, 2013

Q-tips Precision Tips Review

Influenster sent me a Voxbox of products to try out.  Included in this box was Q-tips Precision Tips.  They are not like regular Q-tips.  This product has pointed tips so you can use them for manicures, makeup touch-ups and so many other uses.  

The precision tips came in handy when I had a girl's night out.  When I was doing my makeup of course my eyeliner smudged.  Within seconds I was able to fix my mistake.  I used them to make my lipstick perfectly fit in my lip line.  I also used them when I gave myself a manicure.  I was able to get the polish out of the sides of my nails quickly and cleanly.  

Q-tips Precision Tips are gentle and very strong so whatever job you throw at them, they will perform.  I recommend this product for anyone who uses makeup and does their own manicures.  

For more information visit the Q-tips website here Q-tips

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