Monday, September 1, 2014

VoilaVe Dead Sea Mud Mask Review

I received this product to review and am happy to share my experience.  

The first thing that impressed me was that you get a huge 16 oz jar.  That is almost twice the size of other mud masks that I have seen.  

The mud is imported directly from the Dead Sea in Israel.  It's 100% natural with no artificial additives or chemicals.  It has no scent.  

Why use this mask?  It provides a deep cleaning, draws out impurities and toxins, exfoliates, tightens pores and hydrates and moisturizes.  

While it looks thick in the jar it's not heavy on your face.  You use a thin layer and leave on 10-15 minutes.  Immediately it tightened on my skin which for me is something that I want a mask to do.  When I removed the mask my skin looked healthier and brighter.  My skin was smooth and soft.  

I really like how much product you get and how amazing your skin feels when using this mask.  There is absolutely no perfume in it so there is no smell whatsoever.

You can purchase ViolaVe Dead Sea Mud Mask from Amazon  

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