Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Tuna Squish Review and Giveaway

I got the chance to try out something that I didn't know that I needed but now I cannot live without.  

The Tuna Squish is a wonderful item to have.  It let's you open canned tuna without getting it all over you.  The handheld can press drains the liquid and removes and ejects the lid without you ever having to touch it.  

It's such an ingenious invention and it works for other cans as well.  

I don't know how I ever lived without it.  

You can purchase yours at

One lucky winner will get to try out this wonderful product. Enter here: 

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  1. I have always hated draining tuna cans, i would love this!

  2. I really dislike tuna juice all over my hands, would love to win!

  3. I am so excited it just can't stand it I am jumping for joy at this cutie

  4. This is so cute and looks like the perfect solution to draining any type of can and not making a mess.

  5. I love this! It's too cute! I would love having it in my kitchen.

  6. I am BEYOND excited to try this! We eat tons of tuna :)