Monday, February 29, 2016

Renuzit Sensitive Scents Review and Giveaway

I love scented products for my home.  The downside is that I have allergies and sometimes those scents bother me because they are so strong.  Renuzit has come out with a great, new line of products called Renuzit Sensitive Scents and I got a chance to try them out.

The first product I tested is a deodorizing spray in Pure White Pear & Lavender.  The spray is great at getting rid of tough odors and musky smells with just a quick spray.  I use this when cooking as well as for pet smells.  It's just the right combination of sweet pears and light lavender that freshens the air without an overpowering scent.  I also use this to freshen up the house when it needs it.

The next product in the line I was able to test is an adjustable scent cone in Pure Water Blossom & Cucumber.  The adjustable scent cones are perfect for small spaces and are made with a biodegradable gel
that lasts for four weeks.  I put this in my bathroom and you could smell a slight floral scent with just a touch of crisp watermelon.

The final product that I was able to try is the universal scented oil in Pure Ocean Breeze.  This scented oil refill fits in any Glade or Air Wick oil warmer unit.  It plugs into any wall and releases a wonderful ocean scent that is light and airy.  I use this near where my pets sleep and it keeps the area nice and fresh.

I have to say that all three of these products make a fabulous addition to your home.  Whatever you choose, you can be sure that the scent won't be strong and unpleasant.  They are a true sensory experience without bothering sensitive noses.

Renuzit Sensitive Scents are available in stores now.  For more information visit  Renuzit Sensitive Scents.

You can try these great products for free.  Enter to win one of three free coupons for your choice of product.

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  1. I am super excited. I love Renuzit and I am sensitive to smells so super stoked.